Frequently Asked Questions about ēcōMD

Do you test on animals?
Never – we love and respect animals. But we certainly test our products on people (with amazing results).
Why did we create ēcōMD?
As professionals in dermatology and the spa industry, we were driven by the growing need for clean, conscious skincare alternatives – for industry professionals as well as for their clients. Equipped with our years of experience knowing that we could deliver results without harming human health or earth’s precious ecosystem, and guided by a particular desire to protect our young daughter and sons from any skincare products that could interfere with their endocrine systems, we spent years testing the most effective formulations for a variety of skin concerns. Today we are as committed as ever to finding better ways to address skincare issues effectively – using natural plant extracts wherever possible.
Can we recycle ēcōMD product containers?
Absolutely! All ēcōMD product containers are made with eco-friendly materials and can be recycled.
Are there preservatives in your formulations?
Yes, to ensure the health and safety of our formulations, we do use preservatives. All the preservatives we use are based on natural multifunctional ingredient systems and are non-toxic.
Why can’t I buy ēcōMD online?
Our products are designed to be administered after a professional analysis by a skincare expert trained in the ēcōMD method. Under the right professional guidance, and taking into account a variety of factors including your environment, age and diet, our skincare products have proved to be extremely effective in addressing various skin concerns such as aging, sensitivity, redness, oiliness and breakouts.
Why should I trust a new brand like yours?

You shouldn’t! Trying is believing. What we can tell you is that we developed ēcōMD formulations with the help of leading professional skincare insider Vivienne O’Keeffe, using the highest available concentration of active ingredients known to deliver results without harming the body’s innate immunity and microbiome. Our advanced formulations are designed for dermatologists, medispas and serious skincare clinics – providing what we believe are clean, conscious skincare alternatives to the professional medical spa industry for the first time. Visit our skin wellness page to learn more.

What do you mean by “clean, conscious skincare”?

Clean: we only use the purest, cleanest, and most effective ingredients in all our formulations. Conscious: we painstakingly analyze each and every ingredient as well as all formulations to ensure they align with our mission and values.

What exactly are your values?

We believe in making products that work exceptionally well. We believe in products that come from natural sources and don’t do damage to the environment. We believe that healthy skin is an important part of overall health. We believe in using only non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. And we don’t do animal testing, ever. Get a more in-depth look at our guiding principles.