Our values

In developing our ēcōMD line of products, we have been guided by a strong principle: that modern cosmetology and dermatology have been far too complacent about safety concerns surrounding mass-produced skin care products.

As we have seen, it can take a full generation to expose potential toxins, carcinogens and other latent health dangers. By using only top-quality naturally occurring compounds to the extent possible, and by eliminating any known or suspected toxins, we are minimizing the risk and maximizing the benefits of all our products. We think no one deserves less.

  • Safe. No hidden toxic substances (synthetic fragrances, chemical colourants, etc.).
  • Ethical. Rather than wait for someone else to do it, we have acted on a personal moral obligation to bring clean, conscious skincare products to the professional skincare dermatology market.
  • Effective. Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its benefits to skin. Our cosmeceuticals are proven to work. 
  • Highest quality. Made from naturally derived biodegradable ingredients where possible.
  • No animal testing. Instead of testing on animals, we test on ourselves.
  • Sustainable. Sustainable packaging, for example, amber glass bottles protect against UV and blue light. Leach-free cardboard packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. And our printing uses vegetable-based inks on eco-certified paper. Our effective skincare formulations are biodegradable.
  • Educational. Our products empower skincare professionals and consumers to make better choices for themselves and for the environment.
  • No harmful ingredients. All the contents of our formulations are clearly identified and labelled. See our ingredients and no-no lists.